Directory of Ron Franklin’s writings

Black History

African Americans in WW2: The Story of Sgt. Franklin Williams and Ellen Harden

Anita Florence Hemmings: Passing For White At Vassar

Eleanor Roosevelt’s Flight Into History With a Tuskegee Airman

How Otis Redding Got to “The Dock of the Bay”

First Black Female Naval Officers: Frances Wills, Harriet Pickens

How the Peanuts Comic Strip Got its First Black Character

Jackie Robinson Court Martialed for Fighting Discrimination

The Nat King Cole Show: First Black-Hosted TV Variety Show

Hugh Mulzac: First Black Captain of a WW2 Liberty Ship

The Stage Door Canteen and African Americans in WW2

Tuskegee Airmen History: The Freeman Field Mutiny

Real Shoeshine Man Leroy Daniels Danced With Fred Astaire in “The Band Wagon”

How Robert Smalls Seized a Ship to Escape From Slavery to Freedom

Robert Smalls: A Civil War Hero’s Fight for Racial Equality

Why Frederick Douglass Despised, Then Loved Abraham Lincoln

Mary Elizabeth Bowser: Union Spy In The Confederate White House

Gordon Parks Photography: Life in a WW2 Housing Project

Who Was W.E.B. Du Bois?

Henry Box Brown: The Slave Who Mailed Himself to Freedom


Social Issues

The Confederate Flag: Why “Heritage, Not Hate” Is Irrelevant

Research Says Just Seeing the Confederate Flag Triggers Racism

How the GOP Drives Black Conservatives Away

Clark Gable Desegregated ‘Gone With the Wind’ Movie Set

Should Parents Give Their Children Distinctively “Black” Names?


Civil War

How African Americans Lost Their Gettysburg Address

Civilians in the Siege of Vicksburg: Living in Caves, Eating Rats

Secret Message From 1863 Siege of Vicksburg Decoded

The Fall of Richmond in the Civil War: The Inside Story

Samuel Upham: The Counterfeiter Who Helped Win the Civil War

When Confederates Saluted Ulysses S. Grant Instead of Shooting Him in the Civil War

How Ulysses S. Grant Rose From Store Clerk to General

General George G. Meade: Hero of Gettysburg or Goat?

Civil War Sharpshooters: Col. Hiram Berdan’s Creation

The Fall of Vicksburg: Turning Point of the Civil War

Father Abraham: Lincoln’s Letters of Counsel to His Generals

How Abraham Lincoln Fired General John C. Fremont

Why Abraham Lincoln Refused to Respect Jefferson Davis

What Confederates Said Were the Causes of the Civil War

Queen Victoria’s Black Princess

Why the South Loved General Sherman Before the Civil War

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